I’m in the T-shirt project, a sew- along  hosted by E-made this. The idea is to make 12 differently styled t-shirts – one each month for a year, being creative with designs, alterations or prints/colours.

My first t-shirt for this sew-along is actually a bunch of t-shirts. I decided to draft a pattern for a kimono sleeved t-shirt that is fitted (with negative ease) at the bust, but skims loosely over the waist and high hip. I wanted a basic t-shirt, fast and easy to sew, flattering and relaxed fit. This more or less fits the bill.

{My teal version (I actually made two of these). Tucked in as I usually wear it, and untucked, so you can see the lines}

I have designed the t-shirt for knit fabric containing stretch (lycra or elastane). All my versions are made of different viscose (rayon) jerseys containing about 5 % lycra. But even though they sound similar in content, they have a very different feel from each other. The light blue dotted fabric is much less drapey than the purple dotted fabric and the  teal is quite thin.

I’ve made a size XS with a Full Bust Alteration of 2.5 cm, with which I rotated the dart to centre front (because I didn’t want a dart in this relaxed fit t-shirt (I will explain how to do that in a later post) and a forward shoulder alteration of 1.2 cm.


{I found this fabric in Århus, when we were taking a shopping break. Same fabric as my navy version}

I graded the pattern in 5 sizes and has just send it out to the pattern testers, and as soon as I get the feedback and finish the pattern and the instructions, it will be available here as a free download (probably with in a month or so) – so everybody can make their perfect relaxed fit t-shirt.

I’ve been waiting for nicer weather so I could get some nice photos outside, but today I just gave in and took the pictures inside using the self timer on my point-and-shoot.

I’ve made 8 kimono tee shirts in different colours and prints. I might have enough now! 🙂

{This fabric made me so spring-happy. I also have it in a bright pink and a red, but thought it would be a bit too much if they all became t-shirts..}

What I like about a kimono tee is that it’s a very relaxed style. It’s also very easy and quick to sew: I timed the construction of the light blue dotted one and it took 71 minutes from cutting the fabric to wearing the finished shirt- including waiting for seams to cool after pressing them! That’s what I call instant gratification – and since each t-shirt only took 70 cm of fabric, it’s also a way to use remnants and fun prints that you just bought a meter of, because you just wanted the fabric (I’m not the only one who shops like that, right?)

But I also like that it’s a nice blank canvas for a basic top that you can embellish with iron-on patches, embroidery, iron on prints made on your computer etc.

I didn’t do that yet, but I’m thinking that I’ll try adding a scissor print (like this one I pinned to my inspiration board)to one of my grey tops.

{I like the basic grey top with my red jeans. Very relaxed outfit!}

SO that’s it for my T-shirt Project #1.

Now I’ll work on my ONION 2015 shirt dress for a while, while pondering over what kind of t-shirt I’ll make in May


P.S. Remember to enter the GIVE-AWAY if you haven’t already. I’m drawing the winners of free MiniKrea kids patterns on Monday!




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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ah! I love it! This is a such an obviously versatile top. The purple and white version is so cute. I have my test version ready to be cut out on my table, but my serger is in the shop for servicing as it’s acting a bit clunky…I’m looking forward to fitting it though!

  2. Gillian says:

    WOW! I WANT YOUR TSHIRTS! I’m so excited that you are offering your pattern up for us to try! I really love the fit on you, and I’ve been looking and looking for a simple kimono style T to try my ner serger on! Thanks so much for putting the work into making a multi-size pattern to share! 🙂

    • mariadenmark says:

      Hi Melanie

      You are very welcome (and your English is fine!)
      Your t-shirt looks fine – I love the colour on you!
      I think next time you should try to go down a size and do an FBA (full bust adjustment).
      I have a tutorial coming on how to do them on Kimono t-shirts…
      ~ Maria

  3. Cecilia says:

    Come to your blog almost by accident and I’m surprised by how simple and cool is this shirt. I’m sure you could make a thousand identical models with different fabrics and all would look different. No one would notice that they are from the same mold. I love it!
    A hug from Peru: D

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi Maria. Loving the tutorials and tips. I’m absorbing as much as I can before attempting the free tee (thanks for that, too!) Just wondering if there’s a problem with the pictures? I can see the descriptions but not the actual pics


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