Okay. I’m waaay behind on everything I want to tell you – so let’s just do a quick catching up post:

1. New Podcast Episode is up. You can listen to me and Tini talking about sewing, knitting, our notions, autumn traditions (and a Danish  dessert) and even me talking about taking the Seamless Pledge (more on that in another post). I also talk about future design plans.

{The fabric I want to use for the waterfall party top I’m working on drafting (it looks much better in reality) and a flexible ruler, the one I mentions as my “I’ve got a notion..}

2. Barcelona Stash Enhancement: I also want to tell you so much more about Barcelona, but I think I’m going to save it for the podcast and add a bonus episode as well as a page of links when I get to edit the episode.

But I do want to show you the stuff I got in Barcelona. I think I was a really good girl, and I didn’t buy much, only some much coveted Silk Organza and some swimsuit fabric. But on every Patternreview Week-end we do an Ugly Fabric Swap – and this time was no exception. I got 2 pieces of cotton – which I think will both be pyjama bottoms. I also, as I mention in the Podcast, was the lucky recipient of two of Paco’s faboulous patterns


{The patterns from Paco; Ugly Fabric;  The dark silver swimsuit fabric; My Silk Organza for pressing}

 3.Sunday is SEWING-FOR-FUN-Day
Or so I thought.

I announced on the podcast this week that I was dedicating Sundays to Sewing-for-fun-days. Meaning that Sunday is the day for sewing things that are not necessarily made from any new patterns I’m designing, and not necessarily made for the pattern target group members. No, Sundays are – like I did last week – about sewing gifts, sewing for fun, stuff that isn’t on a deadline.

So what did I sew this Sunday?
Nothing. That’s what. I was getting my next pattern for wide legged trousers ready for the pattern testers, as I had planned to do Sunday morning (a 30 minute job), when my computer decided it wouldn’t cooperate. Long story short, I wasn’t able to convert my graded pattern into a pdf format, and I had to re-type all the grading information for different sizes.
There goes the Sunday..

But the pattern is now send to testers and I’m finishing up the pictures for the instructions. It’s a great pair of trousers!

MariaDenmark Wide Legged Trousers

{Trousers in the make. The pattern and the fabric for my versions}

What had I planned to sew? Well. The amazing thing happened. My almost 15 year old son asked me to make something for him! It requires sewing fleece (which is fun, and which I don’t do very often) and there’s also some embroidery involved: He asked for a monogrammed Bathrobe for his birthday! Yay! I haven’t sewn for him in years, and now I can – if I just find the time:-)

By the way. I’m planning to do a Fit-a-Long and Sew-a-long when the trouser pattern is released. If anybody can come up with a good graphic (or a more catching name than fit-n-sew-along, don’t hesitate to let me know:-)


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  1. Kirsten says:

    I think I’ll stay with the slim legged pants, I’m a little short (155cm) for wide legged trousers even though I’m tempted when I see other people in them. Nice stuff from Barcelona but youre right…. Thank God for PJ bottoms for those “What was I thinking” pieces of fabric.
    What are you making with the organza?


    • mariadenmark says:

      Hej Kirsten

      Yay, you’d need to wear them with a close fitting top and heels (I’m 168cm and I also need heels) for the proportions to be right. Slim legged trousers are on the horizon for spring patterns. The silk organza is to use as a pressing cloth (actually 2).

      MVH Maria

      • Sewing Princess says:

        I am short too (160 cm) but I find wide pants much more flattering for my figure…I don’t have slim thighs and skinny pants look odd on me. In any case you can adjust a pattern to your style/preference. What’s most important is that the pattern is well drafted (thanks Maria!)

        I have been following the Craftsy class on pant fitting techniques which lacks a bit on the making pants smaller part…so any addition would be great.

        If you have any design inspiration for the logo…I could help you with the button bit

        • mariadenmark says:

          Thank you.
          I have ideas for the button – I’m thinking tissue paper and the lines of the pattern and the words “Trouser-(personal)-Fit-n-Sew-Along” (not sure about the Personal – although I like it, it might be too long). Just need to take a picture to be used etc.. But if you have any ideas – please just go ahead:-)

  2. Mary Sarah says:

    Hi! I can’t wait to see the trouser pattern and I think the fit along is a great idea. I don’t have a catchy name or idea for a logo, but it’s a great idea! I’m in! I made the Kirsten Tee twice and really like it. I’m planning to get your other tshirt and skirt pattern soon!
    Talk to you soon!


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