No stress! Sunday is Sewing-For-Fun-Day!

And I’ve decided that I do not want to stress over the Fit-a-long! I’m taking it easy with the final posts. This week I’ll post the pin fitting post – and then we are just going to sew up the finished trousers.

Anyway. The Sewing-for-fun!

Last Sunday I made a design sketch of a christmas dress, made the pattern and cut the fabric. And yesterday I finally sewed it all up.

And here it is: My Christmassy Christmas Dress:

MariaDenmark Christmas Dress. Made from Birgitte Basic Tee Pattern

{My lovely Christmas Dress, as I will probably wear it on Christmas – with heels. And I will add jewellery and nail colour too}

The fabric is this Burgundy (well, they call it bordeaux) cotton Stretch velour from the fabric store where I work (they sponsored it, so I can wear it at work and people will be inspired to get the same. And it’s totally working!) and it’s trimmed with this fake fur.

The pattern is actually the Birgitte Basic Tee (which is 25 % off this month!), elongated into a nice a-line skirt. I then added back darts to avoid the folds in the back. Really easy to do – and as easy to sew as a t-shirt.

{From sketch to finished dress. This is how I’ll wear it at work – with heavy tights, and the silver dr. martens boots. The colour best captured in pic nr 3}

As I said – sewing was easy. For the neckline I simply sewed invisible elastic to the wrong side of the seam allowance (just holding it taut – not stretching it) and then folded the seam allowance over and zigzagged from the right side. Only problem was when I cut the strips for the fake fur, I had little bits of fur all over. I stitched the fake fur wrong side to right side of the dress, using a long straight stitch. I overlapped it a bit at the ends.

This was such a fun project, and I’m really happy with the result! I’ve never had a designated christmas dress before, but I’m going to wear this as many days as I can before Christmas, (and on the holidays) so I’ll be tired of it when Christmas is over…

Are you sewing any Christmas Dresses this year?




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  1. Scruffy Badger says:

    WOW! Took me a while to catch up, but this is amazing. HOW I wish I had thought of this in time for this year ….and in the snow too. I might have to file this away as inspiration for future years …

  2. Beata says:

    It’s so funny. Each year in December I am planning to make similar dress for Xmas … you managed … maybe next year I will do this – in the end.
    Have fun!


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