I have no pictures

I really don’t. Every day this week (not true, because I was away for two of them, but anyway..) I have been trying to get some good pictures of something sewing related.

But no luck.. It’s so dark all the time. Even today, when I spend all day at the computer, I checked from time to time to see how the lighting was. No luck.


So I have no new pictures. I can’t show you how to pin fit your trousers properly. I can’t make my new header (need some artistic needle and thread works – and am not  prepared to pay for it from a photo bank, yet…) and I can’t show you the piles of fleece in lovely spring colours (because I live in a place where summer and fleece fabric actually goes together, you know) I’m using for samples for my classes that are starting next week.

I’m also working on some new designs – both for the pattern line and for other uses (so here it would be nice with pictures of my pencils, my lousy sketches and maybe a blurry pic of the design wall with spring coloured fabric) – and then there is all the end-of-year tax work. Balancing the books, labelling all the little pieces of paper, printing whatever has been kept online (so stupid that I have to print it) and placing of everything in binders.

And that’s pretty much what I did this week…. How was your week?

P.S. I just realized – I need to blog about how my taking the Seamless Pledge is working out.
I have now been banned (by myself) from buying RTW clothes, bags and shoes for two months. It’s still going great. I have been tempted by shoes, but have not bought them. I made my Christmas Dress and wore my drape tops for any other holiday parties and didn’t need anything else.
I have a bit of a challenge for January though, as I am going to be Sofie’s godmother and carry her at the baptism, and I need to work out an outfit for that. Am thinking about making the “leather” pencil skirt I’ve been talking about and pairing it with a light coloured drape top (maybe w sleeves) and heeled boots… Opinions?

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Maria

    Sounds like a nice outfit for the baptism but I would probably go for sleeves on the drape top, as I recall churches in Denmark can be a little chilli, actually that probably goes for churches everywhere. You just reminded me why I dont visit Denmark much in the winter months…… cant stand those short dark days ….oh yeah and the snow, ice and cold tempatures….lol.
    Good luck with the pictures

    Happy Sewing


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