Guide to London Sewing

A Sewing-Geek's Guide To London. Part 1: Exhibitions and Museums

I've recently been on a long weekend to London. I go there relatively…
invisible clear elastic neckline

Sewing with knits: Invisible/clear elastic in the neckline

Invisible (or clear) elastic is one of our overlooked (tee hee)…
How to mark fold sew pleats

Karen Drape Dress: How to mark and fold the pleats.

So. I'm totally not alone in loving the Karen Drape Dress. That´s…
sleeve adjustment full upper arm

Sleeve adjustment: How to make room for Full Upper Arms

Today we are going to take a look at a sleeve adjustment. That's…
Design your own neckline
Packing for a 3 week holiday

What to sew, pack and wear for a 3 week sun holiday

I am going on vacation! Yes. 3 weeks in the sun (or, I suspect,…

Full bust alteration (FBA) for the Rachel Wrap Dress

In this article I'll show you - step by step -how to do a Full…
sewing darts

Sewing darts - the right way!

Are you sewing darts the right way? I don't really believe in…
maj wismann what to wear to look hot

What to wear to look hot!

Today is Valentines Day. And what better day to look into what…
A video aout sewing with knits - the neckline

[Q&A] Sewing with knits: Pin and sew the neckline

Sewing with knits can sometimes be a challenge even for some…

Audrey knit dress pattern - different looks for everyday wear!

For the rest of this month, I'm celebrating my very own Everyday…
removing bust darts

How to: Removing bust darts from a pattern

Sometimes you just want to find a good way of removing bust darts…