Basic t-shirt with a fun twist!

Johanne (or Jo, s she likes to be called in English) is interning…
wardrbe sewing basic tops

[Wardrobe Sewing 2017] Basics: Basic Jersey Tops

IG:  #wardrobesewing2017 Now it's time to start building…
Rachel wrap dress sewing pattern

Pattern in Focus: 405 Rachel Wrap Dress

I'm going to try something new; to focus on some of my patterns…
invisible clear elastic neckline

Sewing with knits: Invisible/clear elastic in the neckline

Invisible (or clear) elastic is one of our overlooked (tee hee)…
How to mark fold sew pleats

Karen Drape Dress: How to mark and fold the pleats.

So. I'm totally not alone in loving the Karen Drape Dress. That´s…
A video aout sewing with knits - the neckline

[Q&A] Sewing with knits: Pin and sew the neckline

Sewing with knits can sometimes be a challenge even for some…
Get a perfect twin needle hem -

How to sew a twin needle hem that works AND looks great!

How to sew a great twin needle hem! Oh - It's so annoying! Do…