Basic t-shirt with a fun twist!

Johanne (or Jo, s she likes to be called in English) is interning…
I was sewing before it was trendy!

The Sewing Statement Tee Your Sewing Friends Want To Steal!

Welcome to my new blog! And my new shop! And my new cool statement…
heat transfer tee

How to use heat transfer to create high street cool

Today on HEAT TRANSFER VINYL Hello hello - I'm still obsessed…

How to make your t-shirts (etc..) look High Street cool!

Do you ever feel that your handmade garments are looking a bit…

No stress! Sunday is Sewing-For-Fun-Day!

The Sewing-for-fun! Last Sunday I made a design sketch of…


Edited on September 14 2013: There is a new and better version…