Are you planning on making Christmas gifts for women? Here are a bunch of ideas!


This is part 3 of the handmade christmas (or homemade christmas.. which do you prefer?) series I am doing. I already took a look at gifts for men.

Now lets take a look at gifts for the women on my list..


– Mitts: I am knitting a lot of handwarmers/fingerless mittens and mittens for gifts. Mittens are relatively fast to knit and you can make them from small amounts of yarn and in a luxury yarn that suits the recipient. I have written about how I make one-skein-mitts HERE. But there are also my popular – and free – Mobile Mittens Knitting Pattern. You can easily adjust this and add a design to the back of the hand.


mittens gift idea

Mobile Mittens. Great for all sexes and ages.


– Project bags. I am making quite a few project (knitting) bags this year – I taught both my mom and my sister to knit socks, so they need proper way to store their knitting. I included stitchmarkers and measuring tape in the pouch. I also wrote a kind of basic pattern for the kind of toe-up-socks I do, and am adding this to the package. The project bags are either box bags or square-bottom-bags (without handles).


Knitting bag or wash bag - you decide!

Knitting bag or wash bag – you decide!


Make-up bags or wash bags. Made as the project bags – for the non-knitters. I am actually only doing on of those this year. But in earlier years I have done bags and included homemade lipbalm or homemade lotions and soaps. You could also knit a wash-cloth to go with the fabric of the bag, and then maybe include a nice soap (homemade or not).


– Kitchen-stuff: All of the kitchen stuff mentioned in the gifts-for-men post could be great gifts for some women. If you personalize the theme and the fabric to the person in mind. But you need to be carefull. I have given apron + potholders sets (to my mom, for instance, but she had asked me to make a set) but I know some women would be offended to get gifts that ties them to the kitchen.


– Slippers and fleece socks. The fleece socks would also be a good present for women with a cold house, but what I really love, are the French Press Felted Slippers (ravelry link) that I had planned on making as a gift this year – but I haven’t started them yet, so I don’t know if I’ll get to it in time…

This is my gift list. If you need more ideas – take a look at The Ultimate Handmade Gift Guide at SewMamaSew.

How are you doing on the gifts? I am almost there, but I am happy that I still have 13 days (remember – we celebrate on the 24th) to complete all the things I need to finish!