Hey everybody!

I’ll just do one of those catching up posts again. I’ve missed you, but also kind of enjoyed being off line. It’s good with a break from time to time…

So here we go:

1. Oh, wow! I’m so thrilled by the welcome the day-to-night-top got! Amazing! (BTW – it’s still introductory priced until January 1st!) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I’m also delighted to read the reviews – and the first four reviewers (who will receive a free MariaDenmark pattern + a surprise sewing package) are:
Scruffy Badger
Sew Busy Lizzy
Suzy Bee Sews
Darry Do!

I’ll send your packages in mid January and we’ll talk via e-mail about the MariaDenmark pattern

2. Christmas! Did you have a great time? Did you give any handmade stuff? Did you receive any, or any sewing/knitting pressies?
I made some cotton voilé scarfs that were well received (I talked about them in the Christmas Special of the Podcast), as well as two pairs of handwarmers.

I also got great presents: Including a knitting pattern I’ve had on my wish list for some time and yarn and also a gliding foot for my Husquarna machine. The male members of my household (i.e. the husband and the 15 yo son) gave me wonderful presents to spoil me – including luxury underwear and jewellery (from the husband, of course ;-) ) and the son had gotten me a gift certificate for a facial. We always put little rhymes or poems (with clues) on our packages and his said “you are already pretty and this will relax you and make you even prettier” (I can’t really bother to make that rhyme in English right now.. )

Thank you for a great year! Happy New Year!!

Thank you for a great year! Happy New Year!!

3. The obligatory end-of-year review: What a year 2012 has been! A year ago I was unhappy with my workplace and grumpy and not seeing where I would be going with my career. Then during the spring I realised that I needed to do something about it all and one of the things I realised was, that I might be able to make a living from making sewing patterns and teaching on the side – making use of the drafting classes I had taken. In June I was considering and in July I knew I had to do something. I was able to quit my elementary school job in October and have worked for my self and the fabric store for 3 months now. And I’m pretty happy. And not feeling stressed out, which I love.

4. The obligatory looking forward into next year: Well I have big plans. Not only for my patterns and my designs, but also for doing something for the Danish Sewing Market. One of my “compe-leagues” (see what I did there? :-)) asked me why I wasn’t interested in selling to the Scandinavian market. My reply was that I don’t really have a platform to do it from. We are working on changing that…
So my goals for 2013? To make enough from my patterns etc to support myself fully, to develop my pattern designs and venture into the Danish market – and to have fun, keep running and gardening and find strength to overcome any obstacles that’ll be on the way. Well. Anything can happen – and it usually does.

5. Happy 2013 to all my readers and customers! Be save on New Years Eve (I’ll be wearing a Drape Top, of course!)  and I’ll see you next year – May you all have a year filled with lovely fabric and fun!