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Unlock your Fashion Sewing Superpowers!

”Learn Fashion Sewing”  is an online course in 5 modules for both (complete) beginners and intermediate stitchers!

★  Sew Your Dream Wardrobe – From Beginner to Fabulous!

★  Master essential techniques with proven methods that make sewing fun and easy .

★  Learn from an Expert: Maria, your instructor with 15+ years of experience, will guide you through 5 modules with downloadable pdf’s patterns and video lessons.

★  Sew What You Love: Create pouches, bags, and wearable garments , not boring samples!


“Maria’s class is an investment in sewing joy!” – Birgit Skovgaard


Course Details

Tired of Sewing Clothes That Look…Meh?

Do you dream of a wardrobe filled with clothes you made yourself?

But feeling overwhelmed by complicated techniques or past sewing failures is holding you back? 


This is where “Learn Fashion Sewing” comes in. 

  • Our unique course, designed for beginners and intermediates, equips you with the essential skills to sew clothes you’ll love to wear!.
  • Forget confusing jargon and frustrating projects. We use engaging videos, downloadable PDFs, and step-by-step guides  to make sewing fun and achievable.
  • Learn from a sewing expert with 15+ years of experience. Maria will show you:
    • Essential techniques for flawless results, every time. 
    • Sewing “ninja tricks” to elevate your skills. 
    • How to sew beautiful garments  with confidence

Each module of “Learn Fashion Sewing” includes:

  • Clear video tutorials demonstrating key techniques. 
  • Downloadable project patterns and sewing guides. 
  • Step-by-step instructions to ensure sewing success. 

Stop settling for clothes you don’t love.  Start sewing your dream wardrobe today! 

Course Overview

Module 1: Getting Started Right – 

In Module 1, you’ll dive into the fundamentals of sewing. From threading your machine to sewing accurately around corners, you’ll build a solid foundation for your sewing journey. By the end of this module, you’ll have crafted your own pin cushion, scrunchie, and small card wallet, demonstrating your newfound skills with pride.

Module 2: Using Sewing Patterns – 

Module 2 unlocks the secrets of sewing patterns. You’ll learn to confidently select the perfect size, decode pattern symbols, and prepare your fabric like a pro. With these skills, you’ll breeze through projects like fleece socks and baby pants or gift bags, following patterns with ease.

Module 3: Zipper Don’ts Bite – 

Zippers can be daunting, but not after Module 3! Discover the different types of zippers and learn to choose the right one for any project. From sewing unlined and lined pouches with visible zippers to mastering invisible zippers for garments and pillows, you’ll conquer zipper challenges with finesse.

Module 4: Garments for You! 

In the fourth module, it’s time to sew garments you’ll love to wear. Learn to pick the perfect fabric, sew a stylish blouse in woven fabric, and master the art of sewing knit fabrics with a fabulous t-shirt. With techniques for finishing seams, sewing perfect necklines, and more, you’ll create garments that fit and flatter your style.

Module 5: Putting it all together 

The final module is for putting it all together! We are going to draft a skirt to your measurements and sew it together step-by-step. And that includes inserting the zipper and sewing a buttonhole and button as well as an amazing ninja trick for finishing the hem!

Q: I have never used or even threaded a sewing machine before. Can I join this course?
A: Absolutely! We start at the beginning by threading and learning to use different kinds of sewing machines before we move on to the first projects.

Q: Can I still benefit from this class if I wear masculine or gender-neutral clothing?
A: Of course! The class will teach you the necessary techniques, and I will also provide a bonus section on how to use patterns that are designed for men or how to replicate garments that you already have in your wardrobe. This means that whether you wear masculine or gender-neutral clothing, you will still benefit from the class.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?
A: Always. As in always and forever. Well, as long as the internet stands, anyway.

Q: What kind of equipment will I need?
A: We’ll cover equipment and materials needed in the “Before we begin” section that will be released on May 3rd. So don’t go out buying anything new right now.
But. You’ll need to have access to a sewing machine. It doesn’t have to be new or fancy (as long as it can do straight stitches and zigzag, you can sew everything), You will also need an iron, scissors, pins, thread, scraps of fabric, and sewing machine needles.

(These reviews are for my Danish version of this course:)

“I have been sewing for more than 30 years. I got my first good sewing machine 31 years ago. I used to sew a lot of clothes for my kids when they were young. Since then, I have been sewing for myself. Over the years, I have taken many sewing classes and courses. However, as I have grown older, I have become more critical of my sewing and have started experiencing problems with zippers. I enrolled in Maria’s Learn Fashion Sewing course, which is aimed at beginners but also includes many tips and tricks for advanced sewers. Although I already knew a lot of the content, I am glad I signed up for the course. I needed to restore my confidence in applying zippers, and I definitely have. I am pleased with the instructional videos as they allow me to re-watch and understand any parts I need to. Maria’s course is an investment in sewing joy!– Birgit Skovgaard


“I am not a complete beginner, but it has been years since I sewed anything exciting, so when I saw Maria’s beginner’s course, it was a good chance to get back into sewing!

I have learned how to use sewing patterns. It has been so much fun sewing garments that I love wearing. I have made t-shirts and socks and am looking forward to the skirt in the final module. I also really loved the clutches and make-up bags we made to learn about zippers. My clutches are very cute!

I have approached all sewing assignments as teaching experiences and have used cheap materials from the thrift store and remnant-shelves. My t-shirt cost me 25 kr. (about $3.5) – including thread!

I have been looking forward to the release of each module. I have enjoyed being at my computer and immerse myself.  The combination of the PDF instructions, complete with detailed illustrations, and the instructional videos, make the content easy to understand and follow. I appreciate that Maria is down-to-earth and does not complicate things unnecessarily.” – Susanne V



“I finally got back into sewing, and Maria’s course, with all the basic techniques taught, has helped me get into it.

I have a young son, so I have really appreciated that I can fit in a lesson when it works for me, stop when I have other stuff to do, and get right back into it later. The freedom to do this is amazing when you can’t always plan your own schedule. I haven’t been able to participate in the live online meetings, but I don’t feel like I have missed out because I can watch the recordings later, and Maria has been super nice about answering my questions both in the meetings and via email.

Thank you for an excellent course. I have learned so much! And I’ll definitely be back if you make other courses that are relevant for me!”  – Marie-Katrine Wang


“I have been so happy to be part of the online course. I haven’t tried learning like that before, but I like that I have the freedom to open and use the materials whenever I want to. It’s nice to be able to learn the techniques and then go back and re-watch when I need them. It won’t be the last time I purchase one of Maria’s courses!

The material is well thought-out and planned, and one feels secure knowing everything is high quality. The patterns are great, and the instructions and techniques are explained well. It has given me the push I needed to start sewing again, even though I haven’t sewn since Home-Ed in middle school. I now sew several times a week and have invested in new machines. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend the online meetings, but I will prioritize that in later courses.”  – Anne Nørregaard

$ 89.00

Course Details