Edited on September 14 2013: There is a new and better version of the Kimono Tee pattern released. I’ve changed the sizing a bit and also prettified the pattern sheet a lot!

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Edited on July 29th 2012, to add a new version of the pattern, which has new pictures and a slightly modified pattern – I trued some of the lines a little better. Also – now you can also find the  pattern on Craftsy.com!

Edited on June 5 2012, to add yet another version of the pattern, in which the page size has been changed so that it now would work with all the printer types as promised. The pattern still have a grid.

Edited on May 29 2012 to add a new version of the pattern, in which I have corrected a few typos and also have added a grid to the pattern, to make it even easier to assemble!

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After a week of feeling a bit under the weather with a virus of some sort, I finally got to being able to finish up the Kimono tee pattern to get it ready for download.

And here it is:

the Kirsten Kimono Tee


This free t-shirt pattern pdf download contains the pattern and detailed instructions – including step by step photos – for assembling the pattern and sewing the t-shirt.

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