So last Sunday, my husband came to me and said: “Tomorrow afternoon we are going to Rome to celebrate our anniversary Tuesday.”


We always go some where on our anniversary – but usually just in the immediate surroundings i.e. in Denmark or somewhere in Scandinavia. But since no one sensible goes to Rome in August (it’s warm! and there are no swimming pools!) it’s actually¬† a lot cheaper to get airline tickets and a hotel there than to drive and get a hotel here. So Dennis went to work in the morning and I took the train in the afternoon to meet him at the airport.

All roads lead to Rome, you see…

And off we went. And 3 hours later, we were at the hotel. I highly recommend this place, BTW. Very centrally placed (200 m from the Trevi fountain), Very designed, very Italian – Check out our brand new room (they had just opened these rooms the Friday before):

It’s leopard print fabric on the walls, people! You would have thought I had ordered it, but no! That’s just what we got! I know! Perfect!

So we went to dinner at a place that was recommended by the receptionist (we arrived at 10 pm – no problems, that’s when the Romans eat, and you know: When in Rome…. (also it was 30 degrees C. At 10 pm!). Delicious and very fair priced! Also nice wine.

Next morning – our anniversary – and first of two days we had in Rome. We had booked a tour at the Vatican. And that posed the first problem: To cover my knees and shoulders (as you need to do in the churches). In that kind of heat! I had tweeted and asked for help on Sunday and got some hints, but every dress I had that covered my knees was too thick for the warmth in Rome – so I ended up just buying a jersey skirt, which turned out to be perfect!
Listen! If you go to Rome (or Bali) – or somewhere else where you need to cover your knees in 30 degrees humid warmth – Make a quick stretch jersey skirt, elastic waist, preferably rayon. That’s what I’m bringing next time I go something warm. I didn’t much like the one I ended up buying (it was less than 10 Euro, so it was okay), but it was comfortable enough + (big bonus) if you make it maxi length, you can wear it with comfortable flat sandals!!! + (also bonus) you can roll it up and keep it in your purse, and when you need to wear it, you can just put in on over your shorts!

[I’m wearing a leo print oversize tee (pattern may come..) tied at the lower waist. feeling v 80s! And slightly out of my comfort zone]

Later we went to the Trevi fountain and threw a coin and to the Spanish Steps for drinks, then had dinner on a great restaurant somebody had recommended to us.
Anyway. Rome wasn’t seen – or build –¬† in a day, but we got close to see it all in two (no, not really)!

We interrupt with a fun language lesson: In Danish Rome (Rom) and rum (rom, the drink) is spelled and pronounced exactly the same. This has led to my mother turning the phrase “Rome wasn’t build in a day” into “Rum wasn’t drunk in one day”. I don’t know if this is just for my family… but alas…

2013-08-07 10.58.20

[In front of the Pantheon. Wearing no me-mades. Very rare thing to happen]

On the second day, we went walking all over Rome to cover all the places my mom had texted me I had to see (yes, I’m 38 in less than 3 weeks, but she’s still my mommy…): Pantheon, Colloseum, Piazza Navona, Forum Romanum etc, and walked to the island in Tiber and across that to get to a small restaurent in the Travestere area, also recommended to us. We had the best pasta there. It was truly amazing!

Obelix always said: They are crazy, those Romans. I didn’t meet anyone particular crazy this time around, all though I must admit that the shoes on the Roman women (walking on cobblestone, mind you) were crazy high, but we met a lot of nice and friendly Romans – and I think we will be back (but maybe not in August).

It was a great anniversary. I can’t believe we have been married for 8 years already.

2013-08-06 17.13.50

[8 years!]

And now: The winner!

The tired husband volunteered to play Lady Luck and here are the results:
Congratulations, Anna! I will mail it to you on Friday!