This week (and the next couple of weeks) I’m lucky enough to teach some young people (most in their early twenties) who need to get more confidence, so that they can continue on to get an education, how to sew.

They are complete beginners and I’ve prepared a lesson-plan which should start them on sewing clothes, doing zippers and everything.

So I’ve made preparations, and started out by making these pouches, which I’ve made very detailed instructions for.

But today we started out with threading the machines, learning how to trace and add seam allowances, cut fabric on grain and finally sew the fleece socks. They loved them. And it was great teaching this group! They were so happy and interested and very very nice.

 Dot fleece socks made by one of my happy beginner sewist students!

Tomorrow we are going to make the oilcloth pouch, and maybe even start on the fabric one, that is lined…