This week I also finished this:

Batwing top sewing

Off with her head… Sufficent to say that Dennis took this picture.. ;-)

It’s a batwing sleeve t-shirt from ONION 5015 – but with a rather significant alteration! Read on:

This pattern is originally for a semifitted batwing sleeve top, which is gathered at the waist by a self-fabric ribbing edge. I don’t want a top to hit me right at my waist with a diagonally line, so I extended the front and back.

How to lengten a top

I simply added the 14 cm to the front and back, respectively.

The pattern is pretty simple: A front, a back and a waist ribbing. I simply added 14 cm to the front and back, without changing the width, and left the ribbing piece as is.

The sewing was very fast and easy: shoulder seam, side seams, add waist ribbing, add ribbing for neckline. Hem sleeves. Only time consuming part was the pressing and waiting for the pressed seams to cool off.

I have for a long time used a towel wrapped tightly around a Sunday newspaper (secured with rubber bands) when I’m pressing long seams (as a long seam roll). Unfortunately, this newspaper and these rubber bands felt that they had  paid their dues. So when I was pressing the first seam, it all came apart. It’s not easy to find a Sunday newspaper on a Monday!
Also it needs to be a big format newspaper – and almost all the Danish papers have changed format to an easy handle fomat. Which is great when you read them, but not so great when you need to make an easy seam roll.  Might be time I make a more permanent one… future project!

These last couple of days, the weather has been wonderful and I have been outside clearing some of the mess in the greenhouse and garden. Lovely days with some fresh air before winter comes. So not much sewing or knitting. But there will be tomorrow!