So. I’ve had a rather bad start of Me-Made-May, I think.  I have been feeling really bad with some kind of virus, so I was really not in the mood for anything else than wearing comfortable elastic waist yoga pants and an assortment of t-shirts. So that has been it (all though I have been wearing some me-made wool socks as well – no pictures though):

Me-made Kimono tee + me-made lounge pants.

I changed the t-shirt from time to time, though :-) The weather was mixed, but it didn’t really matter, as I was spending most of my time inside on the couch with a blanket.

On Tuesday I was feeling better and the weather was cold (10 celcius) but sunny. I was at work teaching and then went into the greenhouse to plant some lettuce.

I wore the me-made purple-dotted kimono tee with a cardigan (H&M),  jeans (H&M) and Converse sneakers.

Wednesday was for teaching, but was a short day at work. I then went home to finish up the pattern for the kimono shirt and catch up on laundry. It rained all day, but it’s a bit warmer.

I was back to wearing yet another me-made teal kimono tee (I think I need a break from wearing them now – but they are soooo comfortable!), a refashioned grey cardigan, which I have taken in and shortened quite a bit, (used to be) black skinny jeans and the converse sneakers.

Thursday should see me wearing something a bit more interesting, I hope…