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Sew for your own wardrobe!

This is the year! In 2017 I want to build (well, sew) a wardrobe that works for me. I want to sew for me instead of sewing for dress forms. And I want to wear the clothes I sew.

Do you feel the same way?

If that is the case, you’ll be happy to hear that you will find plenty of support, knowledge and tips and tricks for creating a well functioning wardrobe. One that works for YOU, your style, body type and your lifestyle. You’ll find it here at the MariaDenmark blog.


How to sew for your wardrobe

There are so many ways to approach sewing for a wardrobe that works for you. One very popular approach is to plan, and perhaps even sew, a (or more) coordinating wardrobe of 11, 15 or 37 (!) styles, giving a lot of possibilities for combinations.

That doesn’t work for me. (I’ve tried – several times)

Partly because I seem to have a tendency to misjudge what I will wear, by trying to change my style with the plan. Partly because I want to wear the clothes as soon as I’ve finished it, and if I have to wait for me finishing 11 garments, that’ll take some time.

But mostly it’s because I suffer greatly from Shiny Objects Syndrome. Sewing, to me, is about being creative and is a pleasurable thing for me. So I’ll be inspired by some fabric or a design detail and run off in another direction than originally planned. No way, that I’ll be able to stick to a sewing plan for months – not to mention a whole year!


So instead I’m going to do something different this time

I’ll begin by making sure I have great basics in my wardrobe. Basics are garments that are used as “supporting actors” to the more interesting garments with funny details or made in interesting fabric. Once I have my basics in place, I can be sure to be able to wear my freshly sewed non-basics as soon as they come off the ironing board.
The only steadfast rule I have for this wardrobe sewing is that each garment I make must work with minimum 2 garments I already have in my wardrobe (or 1 if it’s a dress).

And also, I’ll be very, very conscious about sewing for my style and for my body. Instead of sewing something that’ll work once I’ve lost 10 pounds or have a different life style than the one I actually have right now.


Do you want to join me?

Then follow along here on the blog – and on Instagram – through-out the year.
Follow my journey towards a well functioning wardrobe and get useful information, tips and tricks for creating your own wardrobe that makes you feel – and look – great.


The first four weeks (week 3 – 6), we will be working with jersey tops. Stay tuned.