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What to sew, pack and wear for a 3 week sun holiday

Full bust alteration (FBA) for the Rachel Wrap Dress

Sewing darts – the right way!

sewing darts

Sewing darts – the right way!

Are you sewing darts the right way? I don’t really believe in right and wrong in sewing – if it gets the job done, I’m all for it. But in sewing darts there is … a better way to do it! And if you experience always getting this small bubble underneath the darts you sew, […]

What to wear to look hot!

maj wismann what to wear to look hot

What to wear to look hot!

Today is Valentines Day. And what better day to look into what men are attracted to, when it comes to what we wear. I’m not saying you should dress for men! Really. You should dress for you. And for you to feel great about yourself. But you know, some days (and perhaps tonight?) you want to […]

[Q&A] Sewing with knits: Pin and sew the neckline

Audrey knit dress pattern – different looks for everyday wear!

How to: Removing bust darts from a pattern

Q&A: Lengthening the sleeves of the Kirsten Kimono Tee

How to sew a twin needle hem that works AND looks great!

An easy Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) for no-dart fronts..

Full bust adjustment: measuring high and full bust

An easy Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) for no-dart fronts..

Sometimes you just come across a pattern where a traditional Full Bust Adjustment (an FBA) might be complicated due to cut lines or other things that makes it difficult to do the cutting and spreading of the usual FBA.. Sometimes you just want a really fast full bust adjustment method that’ll work with no-dart fronts […]

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