Why am I not posting much at the moment? Well, I still have my full time job, am drafting patterns and taking classes – and then I’m training for Sunday.

On Sunday I’ll be running a 5K to raise awareness – and money – to support the fight against Breast Cancer.

You can help out by sponsoring me. All donations go to Breast Cancer Research.

Here’s how you can sponsor me:

Follow this link: https://secure.onreg.com/onreg2/startlist/index.php?id=1587

Then under “navn” you have to put my name “Maria Moesby” and click the pink symbol. This will take you to a page where you choose amount (“beløb”) – you can donate from 25 kr. and up.
25 kr. = 3.33 Euro or 4.50 US$.

When you click “Gå videre” you will be taken to the first the choose card page and then the payment page, where you can enter name and e-mail as well as card information.
It’s a tiny bit bothersome that I can’t get a direct link… But please try, anyway, if you’d like to support my run.

I’ve tried to include step-by-step pictures here. Click to enlarge.

{Follow these steps to sponsor my run against Breast Cancer on Sunday}

I’ll be back soon with my plans for my autumn wardrobe update