Johanne, the MariaDenmark intern, also put together a guide to how to sew your pockets so that they are extra strong. And pretty…

How to make pretty and strong pockets

– A Step by step guide to strong pockets

Written by Johanne, MariaDenmark intern


In this post I will show you how to make pockets stronger. And it looks great!



Begin sewing about 2 cm (¾“) from the top edge (1). Remember not to back stitch (instead you can pull the thread to the wrong side and tie a knot).

Edgestitch 3 mm (⅛“) from the edge from 1, through 2 onto 3, (which is 3 mm (⅛“) from the top edge).


Turn the pocket, with the needle still in the fabric and sew 3 stitches towards the opposite corner (4).


From 4, sew down to 2, turn the pocket and sew to 1. By using this technique the overlapping stitching will also replace the back stitching.


Sew through 1, 5 and 6. Continue edgestitching till you reach the opposite corner.


When you reach the other corner, use the same technique but in reverse order.

The result should look like this;


You’ve now got a strong and beautiful pocket.

If you are sewing with plain fabric, consider using a contrasting thread to really emphasize your stitching.