So it’s new season time again. I have of course already thought a great deal about what I want to make (what else is there to think about while I do my running in the beautiful forest…) but I thought I’d share my trend ideas with you too.

So here are my inspirations and the trends I’m going to sew and wear  this season – I might link to ONION (and MariaDenmark) patterns where appropriate…

Autumn 2012 inspiration


The Colours, Materials and Prints:
‘Tis the season for burgundy and purple tones. I really really like the burgundy, and might already have gone a bit overboard in purchasing fabric with that trend in mind:-) The other big trend colour is going to be my all time favourite: The Greenish Teal. What’s not to love.

Plaid is still great for autumn – and the best way to wear it is in a skirt (a-line or full), just over or at the knee length. I’ll pair with cute boots and tights and a neutral coloured t-shirt, and have instant everyday wear style (that’s the plan, anyway:-)!

I already cut a new a-line skirt (from my soon-to-be-released yoke skirt pattern) in a burgundy plaid. It’s still sitting on my pressing table, though, we have had a few days of indian summer, and I’ve spend my sewing time outside gardening…

I also really like all the (more or less faux) leather pants and skirts. I got some brown faux stretch leather that is going to be a perfect pair of stretch leather pants. If you’d like to make the same, you could use a really easy pattern like the Onion 0005 leggings  for a quick result, but you could also make the skinny trousers of Onion 4011.

If I had the lifestyle for it, I would totally make and wear a leather pencil skirt. I might make one anyway – and wear it when going out. I actually might just have bought a really cool dark brown pleated faux leather. It was expensive. I have to make that skirt now…

{Leather-look fabric I might just have bought a meter of. For a pencil skirt. Which is not really practical for my lifestyle. I’ll make it anyway:-)}


Style lines and silhouettes:
The simple 1960’s style lines are still looking great. Both for dresses  (such as Onion 2036 and 2040) and tops.
An easy way to achieve the look would be to make the 3/4 length bell sleeves from the Birgitte Basic Tee on a U-neck or boatneck tee. (In a Breton style or a plain colour to wear with the plaid skirt.)
I’m going to make at least 5 of those. Burgundy (of course) and off-white versions are decided and fabric is ready… rest I don’t know yet.

The peplum style is a very big trend this season – but I don’t see myself wearing that style (all though I might try it on a t-shirt, just for fun).

I am really excited about the wide legged trousers that are coming back. I love the relaxed men’s wear inspired look for winter (I’d wear them with a t-shirt instead of a button up shirt, to keep the look relaxed. But I’d definitely wear heels!). I have drafted a pattern and am working on muslins. Would also just be a great basic pattern.


The cropped style (skinny) pants are also a really cute look. It’s not going to work for me during the winter, though. I’d be getting too cold. As I mentioned earlier, I will try to make my some skinny leather pants. But they will not be cropped.

I think I’m good with outerwear. And the blazer jackets I have are also going to be just fine. I might make a few drape front cardigans (from Onion 6009) if I can find the right fabric, and as a transition outerwear, I’d wouldn’t mind trying a cape (like Onion 6010).

But first things first – before I start cutting and sewing everything up, I need to go through my wardrobe and find out what to keep and what to give away. And then I really should make a prioritized list. We’ll see…. :-)

Have you started sewing for autumn? (Or are you also at the planning stage..)