I thought I’d show you what happened to (some) of the polka dotted fabric I showed you last week.

{Polka dotted t-shirt in full length. Click to enlarge}

I made a very fast lose fitting kimono sleeved top from it. Fast project, very few seams. I finished the neckline with a self fabric ribbing, did the seams on my overlocker (that’s a serger to you guys in the USA) and did the stitching along the neckline and at the hems with a simple zigzag stitch (2.5mm long and 3 mm wide).

It was a fun sewing experience, as I loved working with the fabric (a thin and very drapey viscose (rayon) jersey), and smiled every time I looked at the dots.
The remains of the fabric will probably become underwear (I have a bikini pattern to try out) and a dress for my friends daughter…

It’s still cold here, though, so I have to wear it layered up. I wore it today with skinny jeans, flat boots (I had school yard duty today) and an oversized long grey cardigan:

{Still winter, so wearing this very "spring-ish" top with cardigan and boots}

Today’s funny comment: When I walked into my fifth grade class, one of the students called out : “I’m seeing dots in front of my eyes” :-)

Obligatory Parting Pic – from the garden today:

{Chickens were out running the garden this week-end and enjoying new greens}