A sleeve roll is a nice pressing tool that’ll allow you to press open long seams in narrow spaces like a sleeve or trouser leg – i.e. anything that doesn’t fit over an ironing board. But I like to use it for side seams as well, mostly because that gets me out of having to set up the ironing board

A couple of years ago I made one from a Sunday Newspaper, a towel and some rubber bands. This was getting soft (and yes, I have of course changed the towel a couple of times :-)) so I decided I needed to make a new one.

With the Sunday paper in a smaller format now, that wasn’t an option (it would be a short sleeve roll). So instead I took:


I placed the stick on the towel:

rolled the towel very tightly around the stick

Secured the towel with the rubber bands…


And that’s it!

A great pressing tool – very easily made!