SO. Can you tell the spring break is over? That school is back in full swing and that there are extra meetings and courses? I can!

This past week has been filled with teaching, an obligatory week-end  course for teachers (in which I had planned on getting a lot of knitting done, but had forgotten to bring extra skeins, so ran out of yarn after two hours), parent-teacher meetings (and there are more to come tomorrow), administrative shopwork (which I like), instruction writing and not much sewing or knitting at all.

Hence the title – since I’m not really making progress on anything.

But here’s what I’d like to work on if I had a minute or two:

{Owl sweater - but still with out any owls..}

Finish the Owl sweater. It’s been sitting there forever, and really, I just need to sit down for half an hour and knit. Maybe this week-end..

{My shirt-muslin.. I think.}

Finish my we-will-probably-consider-it-a-muslin of my ONION 2015 shirt dress. I’ve made my first version as a shirt – to check out the fit and the  look – especially of the self drafted collar. I was going for a more blouse-y collar style, but I think I want it to be a little bit smaller – and less pointy.

I have however been buying fabric (if you can’t sew, shop):


{Blue/cream Butterfly printed cotton voilé. Wrinkled from wear:-) }


{Light rose and blue-grey striped cotton jersey in a lovely medium weight quality}

I am wearing both as scarves. Today I’m wearing the striped fabric. It’s 150 cm x 160 cm and I just folded it into a triangle and wrapped it around my neck a few times. Instant wearable stuff from fabric (HINT: you can do it with stash fabric as well :-)). At some point the fabric will probably be turned cut and sewed into something like a dress or t-shirt. And the butterfly voilé will probably be a blouse – but for now it’s a lovely summer-y scarf.

I got to knit a bit more on the owl sweater yesterday while at meetings, and I am ready to knit the owls over the week-end. I also  hope to get some sewing done – and to tissue-fit my Minoru jacket.

But for now, I have teaching to do and more meetings this afternoon and evening. I’m thankful that week-end is approaching!

Happy Thursday! :-)