This was supposed to be an FO (finished object) post – but it turned into a UFO (Unfinished object, naturally).

I had finshed knitting this sweater on May 1st. Then it just sat on my dress form while I contemplated weaving in ends and blocking it. Because – there was something wrong with the upper back. It was poofy.

{It *was* almost done. It's not anymore..}

Well. Since I’m not one who considers frogging if there is any chance I might get around it, I decided I would try to finish it and block it, and then have a look.

So before going to see Tini, I got it done and I brought it with me. But it was still poofy.

So, as you can hear in the latest episode of the podcast, Tini convinced me to frog it. Well. What we did, was that Tini inserted a cirkular needle around the bottom of the yoke, cut the yarn below it, and then we started unravelling.

Since I had spit spliced the yarn as I was knitting it, I ended up with a giant yarn ball


And this is what I have now:

{A yoke (with owls), two sleeves and a lot of yarn!}

I am supposed to try to knit down from here – and really, it should be fairly quick (and this time I’ll move the decreases and increases to the side). I just don’t feel like knitting on this right now.

In stead I finished these:

{Vanilla boot socks. Mindless knitting}

P.S. I am also sewing. But mostly muslins for my new pattern designs, so not much to show…