The #Stashbustarmy shawl(ette) is done.

easy shawlette

The #Stashbustarmy shawlette – unblocked

I started this inspired by hearing about other Stashbustarmy projects. I decided to use some of my good yarn, that was just waiting for a project. So I cast this one on.

How Í made it:

I just started this by beginning the same way as when I cast on for Ishbel and Traveling Woman:

CO 3st, work 6 rows, pick up and knit 3 st along the side, then 3 st along the CO row. = 9 st

Working right side like this:
k3, YO, knit to center st, YO, knit Center stitch,YO, knit to last 3 st, YO, k3.

Working wrong side like this:
k3, YO, p to last 3 st, YO, k3.

This was perfect for mindless knitting. No need for counting – justfast faorward (and yet a tiny bit of variation).
I continued until the shawl was 150 cm wide, then I did one row of K2tg, Yo (actually I did SSK on the first half, K2tgt on the second half), then I knit 6 rows (3 garter st ridges) before binding off using this method: knit 1, knit 1, slip both st back to left needle, SSK, knit 1, slip both st back sto left needle, etc.. which gives a nice stretchy bind off edge.

The Evilla yarn is not very soft. There is still spinning oil in it, and soome dye too.

After a nice soak and blocking, it looks and feels much better!


After blocking – softer