In the seach for the Perfect Knitting Bag, I am trying out different ideas, and today I made this:


The closed knitting bag, version 1.0.

It’s basicly a Box Bag, but made in a slightly larger size.  This one is about 20 cm  (8″) high, 18 cm (7″) wide and 10 cm (4″) deep. It is made from 2 pieces of fabric measuring 55 cm (22″)  X 36 cm (14.5″) (I cut the fabric from two fat quarters I had, and cut it so I would have some leftover for a small zippered pouch and a needle book).

See the matching pouch and needle book:-)

See the matching pouch and needle book:-)

I added snaps to the lining and to the pouch, to keep the pouch from dissappearing (this must happen to other people than me!).

Snaps - to keep the pouch from running away..

Snaps – to keep the pouch from running away..

I also made a small needle book to keep the darning needles under control.

Close up of needle book. Made in a hurry, and it shows!

Close up of needle book. Made in a hurry, and it shows!

Into the bag moved my current favorite knitting WIP: The SilkBlend Raspberry boatneck. I seperated the sleeves from the body yesterday evening. It will fit for a while,  and when the knitting is too big, it’s probably better to keep it at home, anyway.

And I also moved in some stuff :

  • Pencil (not that I use it much, now that I have my Iphone) and my sketch with measurements (in other cases, the pattern).
  • The needle book containing two darning needles of different sizes.
  • Pair of small scissors.
  • Crochet hook.
  • Stitch holder.
  • Safety pin with stitch markers.
  • Measuring tape.
Inside the pouch

Inside the pouch

Do you think anything is missing? Please let me know. And tell me what notions you always have in your knitting bag!

What I like about this bag: I made it soft (using a light interfacing), to make it easy to stuff into my school bag and/or purse. I like the look of this better than drawstring bags – it’s more clean cut with the more squarish shape.. I really like the snaps, to keep the pouch in place – allthough in another version, I think I would just use one big magnetic snap instead (but I didn’t have that in the house).

What I think could be better: The shape. I want one that’s more square, but I still want it to be soft enough to be pushed into my purse. Also – it needs to be a little bigger to be perfect (well, depending on the project, naturally. No reason for a gigantic bag for a pair of mittens). And the pouch should be a bit bigger, too.

What do you think would make the Perfect Knitting Bag?