Here I am junping out from my slight SADness and back into the life of light and creativety. I have been doing my job and taking care of my shop, my family and little else. I think it’s been worse this year than the other years. Maybe because of my dayjob being very demanding, but not very gratifying at the moment. Maybe because of a lack of snow (until the end of January we hadn’t had any). I don’t know. But here I am feeling better and ready to share my life again.

I have been finishing stuff – and here are some of my FOs:

For Christmas (which you may recall, Dennis and I spend without the kids (who were with their other parents) in Cape Verde) I got an e-book reader. Just like I wished for. I got it before we were leaving and I did have time to sew a cover for it and to add books before the vacation.

{My e-book cover closed}

I made it in some skirt weight linen (which I interfaced heavily) with card board inside, to protect the e-reader. I got some pics of making it, and I’ll show you how this week.

{Here it is open. I added a pocket to the inside.}

I’m reading “Purge” by Finnish author Sofi Oksanen at the moment. It’s a brilliant book!

During my down time I have been crocheting and knitting a bit as well. Here is my finished Poppy shawl:

{Excuse the look at my face. Rasmus shot the pic earlier this week, and I was waiting for him to get one of my mittens....}

And a penguin. Cute, isn’t he?

{At work I have a penguin keychain and penguin pens. I had to make this one when I saw the pattern!}

And some fun colourwork mittens. I loved knitting these!

{Fun to knit - and fast! I really like these mittens. And they match my shawl!}

I have also been sewing some dresses for my friend’s daughter. I don’t have any pictures of them though, as I gave her the dresses before there was enough light to get a decent picture..

Yesterday all the snow melted here and Rasmus and I went for a long walk in the woods. So the parting picture for today is trees drowning in melting water. Spring is on it’s way! Hurrah!

{I didn't mess with the colours. It really looked black and white - and then a splash of green moss..}