The other day Anne commented on my sewing room, asking me where I kept my stash(es). I answered that I don’t have a big fabric stash and that the little I have is in an upstairs closet.

It got me thinking, though, and I began to feel the need for a little fabric shopping.

This week is insane work wise, with meetings almost every afternoon and evening, so no time for sewing. But today I had a few hours off and drove to meet my friend Karen at a big fabric store that also has a cafe inside. We had lunch, shopped for fabric, had coffee, and drove home (or in my case – back to work).

I was looking for swimsuit fabric, but they didn’t have any I liked (I don’t see my self wearing neon green to the pool this summer). I did get some other stuff though:

  • Knit Velour (purple-ish) for a pair of lounge pants
  • Chambray for a shirt dress or shirt (I think dress, though)
  • Polka dotted navy cotton for a dress (it seems impossible to locate red polka dotted fabric…)
  • Grey viscose (rayon) jersey for t-shirts.
  • Lovely red polka dotted buttons. I’m thinking for the chambray dress. Will it be over the top?  I wish I could find fabric like these.
  • Measuring tapes.I got four. I get four all the time, but I still quite often find myself searching for one.
  • Elastic and an Iron-on Patch with silver sequinses. It’s a peace sign. I don’t know how I’ll use it – but it was shiny!


Picture of the lot:

{Shiny new fabric, buttons and measuring tapes.}

Hopefully more sewing related news in the week-end!