I should have known – and I sort of did – that May would be crazy for me and that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the posting and the picture taking etc.

Saturday we had my son’s big Non-firmation party (a humanist (non-religious) confirmation party) with 50 guests. We had it in our garden (we had rented a tent) and had a lovely lovely day and night with great food, lovely people, speeches and songs (it’s a Danish tradition that we write songs for any such occasion (and the party sings it together)). Rasmus was so very happy and it was worth all the time and money we have spend!

Here I am, wearing me-made t-shirt with a denim a-line skirt, carrying plates from the car:

{Getting ready for the party - we needed 50 sets of plates etc. I was lucky that I coud borrow them from my school}

But it has taken a lot of preparation and energy – and my sewing and knitting has suffered – especially because, since we had it in the garden and all my inlaws (both current and former) were there, and I wanted the garden to look great.

I had planned on sewing my dress, but a little more than a week ago, after having finished my Minoru jacket (more on that later), I realised that there was no way I would be able to fit everything that needed to be done into my schedule and also be able to go to work, so something had to go, and I decided I would wear a dress (sadly not me-made) that was already in my closet.

Anyway. Now the party is over, and I can go back to only stressing over normal things…

{Dress is another ONION 2026, socks are vanilla, shirt is ONION 2015}

I have been wearing me-made every day in May. Usually just the t-shirts. And then the Minoru (but no pictures of me wearing it yet). Some days I have been cheating and only wearing socks made by me, but there has also been dresses and pants and some new t-shirts that I’m designing at the moment.

More me-made pictures to come, but for now, here is proof that the Minoru is done, and that the Owl Sweater (which I finished knitting on May 1st, but is still waiting for the finishing and the blocking….) is ready for the final touches:

{Done Minoru jacket, almost done Owl sweater...}