On Thursday afternoon last week, my voice started sounding weird. Like I had screamed a lot with out using the right technique or something like that. I have had voice coaching professionally and I know that I take good care of it, so I didn’t understand what had happened.. Then at night I started to feel like I was having a fever.

Both my son and husband has been dealing with throat inflammation over the last couple of weeks. My son was rather seriously ill, with high temperature over the course of a week, and he ended up having to go to the hospital for some tests (conclusion: it’s a virus – meaning nobody knows). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I had caught the same thing.

But very bad day for it to happen – on Friday I was meeting the students that will be my first graders next school year, and I needed to be there – and to talk to them (sort of lay down my borders for acceptable behaviour from the beginning). So I took some pills to get the fever down, went to work, but had to get the help of my 6 graders to translate what I was whispering. After a long day, I went home, placed myself on the couch and haven’t left it much since.

The males of the household are very nice and are taking good care of me. But I quickly get to a point when I feel ill, when I’m bored out of my mind. And fever combined with boredom = Startitis.

{Color Madness, finished Buzzbees, Light pink ShortRow cardi, green 5-hour baby sweater}

So far I’ve finished the two Buzzbee hats, begun working on another short row cardigan for my friends daughter, selected yarn and cast on a Color Affection shawl, and settled for and cast on a baby sweater for my brother’s October baby. I haven’t knit a stitch on my owls, but picked up the Dragonfly socks, which have been in hibernation since last summer, and figured out how it had become that neglected: Something had been going wrong with the heel. So I frogged the heel, reknit it, and now I think it’s ready to come with me to France.

I am feeling better now and will return to work tomorrow. I have even sewed a bit – I am getting to a finishing point on the skirt design (the pockets have been teasing me – it’s difficult to find the perfect shape).  I hope to release the pattern in the end of July

While I was sick the cats kept me company on the couch – now they are back in the basket

{That’s Pippi on the left (her tongue sticking out:-) and Knirke on the right. Pippi was named after her peep-ing sound she made as a kitten, Knirke was squeaking (Knirke meaning squeaker)… They named themselves}