Vacation in Provence was wonderful. Just wonderful. The weather was very very nice (30 – 35 degrees C (around 85 – 95 F)) Which is perfect when you have been cold all spring and longing for sun and have rented a house with a lovely pool.

We all wore tons of sunscreen and nobody got in serious fights with anybody (I don’t know if I told you, but we were having this vacation with my father and his wife and my brother and his girlfriend and her kids and my sister. I’ve never lived with any of them, except for the occasional week-end, so it was an experiment!)

I went looking for Yarn and fabric stores and in Brignoles (which is a small-ish town quite close to where we lived) I found two. Well. The first one was an all yarn store. They had a lot of acrylic in harsh colours and I didn’t get anything. I did get my picture taken in front of it though.

The second store was called a sewing store, but mostly had yarn. I only spotted 5 rolls of fabric. The yarn was nicer (Begerac de France and Katia) but I didn’t get any. I was tempted by some very nice Bergerac de France in a soft brown for a baby sweater (it was in a kit) but the price was too high!

Knitting wise I did get some stuff done. I had packed the cardigan for Carla and wanted to finish it while in France. Only I was so stupid. I had forgotten to pack extra skeins of yarn – so I could only knit as far as the skein went.

I worked on my Colour Affection in the car when we were driving to France. When we got there I got second thought about the colour combination. I don’t think there is enough contrast between the colours. What do you think? Should I frog? What colour(s) should I choose to go with the blue/teal yarn?

I also got some work done on the baby cardi – and my sister-in-law said she loved the colour and is looking forward to use it for her new baby..

I didn’t do any sewing as such (naturally, as I didn’t bring any with me) but I did get ideas for patterns to design and did drawings etc.

But basicly – I was in France to relax and enjoy my family and the lovely weather and the dinners in quaint Provencial town squares – so that’s what I did most of the time.

{Driving through mountains with the kids + swimming in Lac Croix + Enjoying dinner with the husband + drinking a glass (or two) of rosé wine = Lovely vacation}

Now I’m back – recharged and ready to work. I’ve been sewing prototypes for the last couple of days, trying to get ready for photo-shooting sometimes next week.