I needed a new light box.

The old one is too small and can’t fit a garment inside – also the cats has been jumping on it, and it’s kind of dirty.

Here’s is how I did it:

What I needed: (click to enlarge)


How I did it: (click to enlarge)


It took maybe 30 minutes – I recommend trying it!

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  1. Nancy says:

    Dear Maria,
    I started to knit the tip-down baby mittens and am a little confused by the pattern.
    I casted on 8 stitches, increased kfb to 16 stitches. Put the stitches on DPN’s 5-5-6 and knitted all the stitches which finished row 2. I now should join the stitches together to form a triangle correct on 3 needles? I do not know how to use a magic loop method and am comfortable using the DPN’s. Direction say to repeat rows 3 and 4 until half of the mitten (one side) measures so many cm’s. How is that possible if the mitten is joined and in the round? Also your measurements do not agree. The first set, after row 4 go from 6.5 to 16cm and the second set of measurements saying “Continue in stockinette stitch until mitten measures 8 to 9cm from top. Please can you reassure me as to what to do. Thank you, Nancy

  2. mariadenmark says:

    Hi Nancy
    When knitting with the magic loop method, the mitten is only on two needles (as opposed to when knitting on dpns), which means that if you measure flat, you get the width of the hand of the mitten (the first measurements.
    Since you are knitting on dpns, just place the mitten on a table and measure across it.
    The second measurement (8 or 9 cm from the top) is for the length of the mitten hand – you measure from the top (the tip of where your middle finger would go) and down.

    I hope this helps
    ~ Maria


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