So it’s now Tuesday – and I am only just getting over the big event that was my birthday *slash* Leaving-my-Dayjob-Celebration (more on that in a moment) party on Friday.

I had a wonderful day – starting out with breakfast at home with my husband and son, having a relaxed time and getting great books and also photo equipment to play with!

{Some photo playthings from my nice husband. 1) A new lens with filter and hood 2) A gorillapod – I think he is hoping that now I wont need him to take pics.. he is wrong, but I love it!}

It was followed up  by the entire school singing for me at morning assembly, then my first graders singing, my coworkers having put out flags (Very important part of Danish birthdays – I think I talked about it in this episode of the podcast) and then gifting me with lovely – very lovely –  Quivit yarn. (and this wasn’t even a big birthday – I’m now 37 –  but I think because I’m leaving soon, they thought they’d do something special)

Back home, I opened more gifts and then got everything ready for the guests to arrive – including (but not limited to) harvesting enormous amounts of mint for making mojitos!

The party was great. There were family and friends, speeches, more gifts, an impromptu concert by my husband and fellow musicians, mojitos, nice food, rosé win and dancing.

{1) Lovely eggplant yarn, 2) Clever presser foot, 3) Cool iron-on studs, 4) Quivit – enough said}

Of craft related gifts I got very nice eggplant Debbie Bliss yarn (what to make, what to make), an elastic guide presser foot for my overlocker (it’s so clever, it almost sews the elastic on by itself!), some great stud prints to iron on to t-shirts (I have to make a bunch and get started. I love all the prints!) and the skein of oh-so-soft-and-warm quivit yarn – imported from Greenland by one of my coworkers.

Now. About the Leaving-my-Dayjob thing.. I have mentioned it in the interviews I did with iMake and Sew Busy Lizzy, but I haven’t really talked about it here: I have decided to leave my full time teaching job (which is never just full time, parents call in the evening, you always have to prepare for lessons etc.) to focus more on my pattern making and my shop.

I have been a elementary school teacher for almost 10 years, and needless to say, this decision has not been easy. But I need to do this for myself now. I will still be working part time for other people – but will finally be able to have my dream job making and selling patterns!

It’s been a while since we had a parting pic. For my party, my father brought me a new rooster (he’s still only a cockerel, actually). The old one (you might remember Hugo) became very territorial and attacked people, so we ate him this spring. Here’s hoping that Hans will last longer…

{Hans (or Hanse-mand) with two of his girls}