I have done it.

{Today I am taking a Big Leap into my new life. Picture is from this summer, but fitted well, I thought}

I have taken the big leap into a completely new career. Yesterday was my last day teaching at the elementary school. I guess it was what you’d call a bitter sweet day. I am so thrilled to be able to focus on my shop and drafting my patterns, but I was also really really sad to say goodbye to my colleagues and students.

{Jump Jump Jump}

It was a nice day. I taught first graders all morning and got to say goodbye to them (I had brought them chocolate and the class had made me a card and also gave me a basket with gourmet coffee and chocolate), then I had my 6 graders in the afternoon and they had tons of gifts and cards for me – and a mug with a picture of the entire class. And there were a bit of hugging and more chocolate and then I proceeded to the staff room where we had a small reception (I had arranged for husband to pick me up, so that I was able to have a few glasses of wine – and some of my co-workers had done the same, so we were in for a great farewell party!) with more gifts (I got some very lovely yarn form the school and my colleagues gave me a wonderful silk/wool scarf that I have been wishing for for ages, but have been too cheap to actually buy. I love it!) and having a great time.

So this is it. I am so excited! And I’m so scared! Well, I guess it comes with the territory of taking a big leap. And I’m mostly excited. Besides working for my own, drafting and selling patterns, I’ll also have a part time job in a very big fabric store, which I’m also really thrilled about. Imagine actually working there!!! (hmm.. wonder if there will be a employer’s discount….)

{Absolutely thrilled!!}