No, this is not all the t-shirts. Some are in the wash (a teal U-neck and a creme coloured kimono tee) and a one is not yet hemmed (a long sleeved burgundy and a creme 3/4 sleeved U-neck), but yeah – these are the t-shirts for my autumn wardrobe that I’ve been making this past week. These should be enough for the next couple of months, I think. Here are my Birgitte Tees:

{Birgitte Basic Tees: Striped (modified neckline) boatneck, Burgundy U- neck w 3/4 sleeves, blue long sleeved U-neck with STARS print.}

The trousers worn with the blue t-shirt is one of the first prototypes of my next pattern – for wide legged trousers.

I have enjoyed my first week as my own boss – and it is quite fun to work at the fabric store as well- I enjoy meeting the customers and advising them. But I’m oh so tired when I get home. And hungry!

This week will bring a couple of days in the fabric store, a bit of drafting and sewing at home, spending time in the hospital while my mother is having a hip surgery and on Friday morning  I will be going to the European PatternReview Week-end 2012 in Barcelona, Spain! I’ve never been to Barcelona before, so any tips on where to eat and what to see, will be more than welcome!


{Kirsten Kimono Tees (to be worn with a cardigan or blazer jacket): Teal w stud star, burgundy plain and burgundy w stud star}

Here are some Kimono Tees: The teal t-shirt is worn with one of the prototypes for my next pattern, the burgundy one with the star is worn with a Yasmin Yoke Skirt.

All the t-shirts have been fitted to me using the methods I describe in the fitting series – but as I look at the pictures I can tell that I’ve lost some weight and need to adjust the patterns again. Some of them are quite big… Well. It’ll have to wait. I might be a little fed up with sewing t-shirts now. On to other projects!

Have you made any basic tops for autumn? I’d love to see them, so tell me where I can find a photo:-)

P.S. There’s still time to enter the Fabric Give-Away (I’ll draw the winners when I get back from Barcelona)


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  1. Lizzy says:

    Spain! Lucky you! I really need to finish my two Yasmin Skirts – sorry work as been busy and the family are back AND school started. I will finish them soon I promise!

  2. scruffybadger says:

    Your tees are inspiring me – I like your choices of colour & fabrics & how youve changed necklines & arem lengths. But I think it’s seeing them altogether that makes me inspired, they do create a great wardrobe essential don’t they? Might (only might as I get distracted so easily) consider more knit sewing this weekend with this in mind 🙂

    • mariadenmark says:

      Thank you! And Great! I love to inspire other people (you may call it enable, but…). Yes. The t-shirt pattern is a great wardrobe builder. I like that I can wear them so easily and they are so comfortable.

  3. tiffany says:

    So great! I love having a wardrobe of great fitting basics. Of course, mine have always been rtw basics, so you can scratch the great fitting part!

    Love the stud stars too- do you set each stud by hand, or is it some kind of iron-on or something? Very cute!

    • mariadenmark says:

      Well, then you’ll just have to get started on making your own (I recommend my Birgitte Basic tee and the fitting tutorials!:-))
      The stud stars are iron-on. I got a package of different stud designs for my birthday from Tini. I don’t know where she got them, but you could probably do a google search and find something similar..
      And thank you!:-)


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