I mentioned before that I have been thinking about joining the growing movement of pledgers, pledging to not buy any clothing for a period of time.

This self-employing thing is not really giving me that much spending money, and in light of the recent discussions about the real cost of fast RTW (ready To Wear) clothing and my wish to live more green – I already buy ecological food and also have my ecological kitchen garden and the chickens – it makes sense to stop for a moment and think.

Even though I have been sewing for a long time, I have also been happy to shop the high street stores such as H&M for a lot of items. Partly because my weight has been fluctuating and I didn’t want to spend time sewing something that wouldn’t fit me for long, partly because it’s so easy and also kind of fun to spend an afternoon shopping and trying on clothing with my sister.


{Take off the dust covers – I’m going to sew up a storm (Ha – In reality the covers have not been on the machines since I took this photo. I don’t really now where they are..}

But now I have stabilized my weight in a place I’m happy with, I am making patterns for everyday wear, and it makes a lot of sense for me to actually sew the stuff I need for my wardrobe.

So here we go:

The Seamless Pledge

I, Maria of MariaDenmark: Wool & Weeds, am taking the seamless pledge for one year until November 1st 2013. In this time, I will not buy any new clothes except underwear, tights and socks. Instead I will sew or knit all my clothes or buy from second hand stores and flea markets. This also includes shoes and boots and purses and bags. The only exception is during my vacation in Bali in April. I will do a special blog post at the end of each month, to keep a record of how I’m doing.


As I mentioned in the podcast, I need a new pair of blue skinny jeans, and I have purchased those last week – I don’t have time to sew them right now, so this is okay. But starting right now: no buying clothes for me!