It’s almost time!

Today I put this notice on my shop

[*singingI'm going on vacation. La laaa laaa }

[*singing* I’m going on vacation. La laaa laaa }

And tomorrow the house/cat/chicken/sewing machine-sitter will arrive and I’ll be flying wayyyyy south! Bali fill up your fabric stores, for here I come!

I’m packing the 5 Game of Thrones books (haven’t watched the series, but have heard many good things, so will read it instead), the e-book reader filled up with other books, bathing suits, a few dresses for dining out, baggy trousers and lounge trousers (for the flight), shorts, kimno tees and tank tops. Oh, and plenty of sun block. I’m also bringing my computer and will have WIFI access, but I don’t know how much I’ll actually be using it – apart from sharing a few pics on Twitter ..

These weeks leading up to being ready to leave has been really busy – and there are some patterns waiting for instructions and release when I get back – want some clues?


Anyway.. I so need this vacation and plan on being all zen and super relaxed and energized on my return!

Talk to you soon!