I have the best and the most supportive husband in the world.

He has always supported my fabric and sewing obsessions and have even been known to lecture other men in what an overlocker machine actually does!

So it should have come to no surprise when he told me that he was going to make me a height adjustable work/dining table.

It all started when I was tracing some pattern pieces on my dining table (I think i have mentioned before that my office/sewing room is next to the dining room – which you know means that the dining room is an extra sewing room.) and I was complaining a bit about my lower back pain from standing in a bend over position. This was a few days before we left and the cat/house sitter was there and we talked and she said you should totally have a heigth adjustable table – like we have in the fabric store – and I was like yay that would be so cool I wonder what that would cost. And then Dennis said from the other room: I can build you one when we get home – we already have the legs and motor (which we got when Dennis’ company moved and I had totally forgot about).

And so he did. On Tuesday we went to the home improvement store, bought some table tops, and then he put it all together and now we have a height adjustable dining table (well, you know, and I know that it’s a cutting/tracing table, but for the rest of the world it’s a dining table!)


Genius, no?

P.S. We off course decided to make the table larger than the one we had so we can seat more people without having to resolve to the coffee table .Might not have thought that through: Now I have to make all new table cloths, and we all know how much I love sewing home dec stuff..