Kittens And Cushions

Sorry to overwhelm you with cuteness, but take a look:

Kitten cuteness

I KNOW. Cute, right?

So this adorable kitten (still no name, any suggestions?) is an orphan kitten who was all alone and calling from the bushes in my garden all day long (this was two weeks ago). I heard her first time when I was sitting working in my office at about 2 in the afternoon. I registered that there a´was a kitten calling, and didn’t think about it any more as there are plenty of cats in the neighbour farm and they do of course sometimes wander into our garden as well. Well. When I was hanging up laundry at 5 pm, I heard the kitten cry again. I thought the kitten had been there a long time, but decided I would give the mother cat some peace and quiet to get her kitten, so I went back inside. At 7 pm I couldn’t take it anymore. The kitten was still crying, and I started pulling up the nettles and other weeds blocking the way to teh fence from where I could hear the crying. An hour later I found the small kitten (weighing less than 300 grams) and took her inside. SHe was terrified. ANd dehydrated. It was a Friday evening, but I called my vet anyway and he said I should give the kitten some milk mixed with a raw egg yolk. I had a syringe from when I had been feeding kittens before, so I gave her something to drink, and that’s about the time when she decided to give humans a chance.

Based on the weight, we would have guessed she was about 3 weeks old, but I think she was a little older. The very next day she was able to eat from a plate (cod eggs mixed with yoghurt) and use a litter box.

So, this has been taking a lot of my time recently, as well as teaching some great t-shirt workshops and
doing tons of translating and working on patterns.

Oh yes – and then there is this

{Not pretty - Yet! The bags are filled with cut fabric and finished cushion covers. I have 5 to go. Then I will have paid for the pretty sewing machine}

{Not pretty – Yet! The bags are filled with cut fabric and finished cushion covers. I have 5 to go. Then I will have paid for the pretty sewing machine}

The cushions I’m making for my mother’s couch. We all know that home dec is not my favourite thing, but can I just say – I’m getting the hang of it and I’m almost done. While my parents are travelling next week, I’ll go to their apartment and put the covers on the couch and I’ll remember to get a pic!

Oh, and then the other thing(s) that’s keeping me off line: The garden and the fact that we are experiencing a very nice summer here. In Denmark you never know with the weather, so when the weather is nice, you go outside as much as you can, it’ll be cold before we know it…

Here’s my garden right now (I took these pics half an hour ago). Dennis in enjoying reading a new book (and he usually only reads fiction when on holiday) and I’m ready for a dip in the pool.


I have a lot of sewing planned, though. Just waiting for finishing those cushions!

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  1. tini says:

    What about Tramp or Isolde?
    you could make that Ysolda as well. Or Oz? That would be gender neutral as well.
    Or Purl!!!!

  2. Krista says:

    Even though it was more than 20 years ago, I completely remember how a sunny day in København was like a celebration. The Strøget (can’t remember I’d I’m spelling that correctly) and the parks would be full of people soaking up the sun even if it was still cold. My last week there was a heat wave and I remember spending all day outside enjoying it after so many overcast, cold and windy days.

    The kitten is adorable. I like Ysolda.

  3. johanna@projects by me says:

    I’m with you on the weather, here in Scandinavia, we just have to soak it up when we get a chance, as you said, you never know when it’s cold again! I also have sewing plans but I prioritize the nice weather at the moment. 🙂

    Such a cute kitten, but I can’t think of any names right now, my cat is called Siri though.


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