For the rest of this month, I’m celebrating my very own Everyday Frock Fest.  Frockfest is usually a celebration of dressing up and enjoying wearing lovely party dresses.

But I want to change that. This month I want to celebrate the everyday dresses. The dresses we wear to the office, to go shopping and for running around after the kids. The practical (but still sexy) dresses. The warm dresses. And the casual dresses.


I love my Audrey knit dress pattern! Whenever I feel like making a quick dress – something to wear teaching or for lunch, or as in this case, for a funeral, this pattern does it for me. It delivers an appropriate dress – but in comfortable jersey.

My new audrey knit dress pattern

One of my grandmothers died last week. She was only 78. (Yes, she was a very young mother, and a very young grandmother) She had KOL the last 10 years of her life and I think she just didn’t want to go on any more. Anyway. I needed something to wear for the funeral and while I pondered what to wear, I realised I wanted to sew something new.

So I got out my favourite knit dress pattern and a warm and fuzzy dark grey jersey I bought on my trip to London earlier this month. I paired it with a lighter grey ribbing fabric from stash – and voila – instant dark dress. Suitable for a casual funeral (which they always are in my family) and one I’ll wear all winter, I’m sure! I spend the late hours of my Sunday afternoon sewing. And felt so relaxed. It’s been a while since I have been sewing for myself, rather than for a pattern release or teaching situation.


One knit dress pattern – many looks

The look is pretty different from my original Audreys (which were very colourful and with mix of pattern and plain fabric) but I was inspired for this one after seeing Sewsquirrel’s black fleece Audrey. Imagine wearing that when it’s really dark and cold outside. Perfect!


Sewsquirrel's dress made from MariaDenmark Audrey knit dress pattern



My original Audrey dresses had, as I mentioned, a very different look. They were much more vintage-y, due to those fabric choices. Here is one of the first ones I made (it’s the one also on the pattern front page):

My original Audrey knit dress

It’s from a navy polkadot cotton/lycra jersey – if I remember correctly –  and the edges are from a navy rayon jersey. I’ve worn this dress so much, that I actually had to get rid of it. It started to look really worn. I’m thinking I’ll make another one similar in the spring.

Scruffy Badger loves is too! Did you see her version of the Audrey? (Go over to her blog and have a look. I love Winnie’s photography. Her photos always make me smile!)

Scruffy Badger's dress made from the MariaDenmark  Audrey knit dress pattern

Do you feel like making your own Audrey knit dress?

Find the pattern HERE