I am going on vacation!

Yes. 3 weeks in the sun (or, I suspect, I’ll mostly be hiding under the umbrella, but still…)!

I’ve written before (in a newsletter, I think, since I can’t seem to find this article in a blogpost) on how I pack for a long weekend away, making sure I have everything I need, but not too much. Now, I’ll let you follow along with my experiment to pack just the right stuff. And nothing more.

I’m going to leave the comfort of my home, fabric collection, wardrobe and sewing machine for 3 whole weeks. I’ll be writing on my book, spending time with the family, be part of another big family celebration, and probably swim, have  a few G&T’s and read a lot as well. Oh, and going sight seeing.

So what to bring?

I’m going to Bali. I’ve been before, 2 years ago, and that time I didn’t really use half of what I brought. Instead I took advantage of the incredible cheap washing service and spend most of my time wearing the same 4 tops, shorts and a maxi dress. I didn’t even wear the silk dress I brought for the big celebration we had. It was too warm!

So I thought I’d reconsider my packing plan this time, and try to keep some kind of tally on what I actually DO wear for future evaluation.

In the planning, I’ve considered what I’m going to do while on vacation

Mostly, I’ll be hanging around the pool area. I’ll of course be reading and relaxing, but I’ll also be working on the book for two hours per day (I hope no more than that..) For that I’ll need my swimsuits and a cover-up or shorts and a top. And sunscreen. Lots and lots of sunscreen.

I’ll also go out for dinner. For that, I’ll wear the maxi skirt with a top or tee or one of the maxi dresses.

For sightseeing and shopping I might need to cover my knees and shoulders, so I’ll probably wear the maxi skirt or one of the maxi dresses with a tee or a the scarf as a wrap. With my wedge sandals.

And then we have the big family celebration. That’ll probably see me wearing the dark grey maxi dress with heels and jewellery.

So, what do I plan to pack for my 3 week holiday?


3 week holiday in Bali



(The image here is created in Polyvore, using images in their library. I’ll of course be substituting with mostly self made stuff. Because. That’s what I have and love. Funny thing is.. when I showed the collage to my husband, he thought they were actual photos of stuff from my wardrobe)

I will also be bringing underwear enough for 1 week, my sunglasses, glasses, computer and plenty of books. I will not actually be bringing a hat. I don’t have one. But I’m pretty sure, I’ll buy one when I’ve arrived! I might also buy a small package of washing detergent so I can just hand wash the underwear and tops as I’ve worn them.

So what do we have here?

Well. First for wearing on the  plane, I’ll go with the very comfortable dark stretch straight legged denim jeans (double as capris, when I roll them up), a black loose fitting tee ( an Olivia Oversize Tee, no bands, in a thin black rayon jersey) a scarf ( for a wrap if the aircon gets to me) and ballet flats with a giraffe print (bought in Barcelona this  spring. They are incredibly comfortable.) I need to wear closed shoes, because I will be wearing support stockings for this very long flight. I will probably also bring my cashmere socks, because I hate it when my feet get cold on the plane.

Packed in my suitcase I will have:

  • 5 tops ( black and white. A couple of them are store bought camis. The others are self made in rayon jersey. Just a Tank-tops, Kimono Tees (from the free pattern you get when you subscribe to the newsletter) and Olivia Tees.)
  • 1 lightweight cardigan (I honestly don’t know how much I’ll use it. And I might wear it on the plane as well. It’s just that I hate airconditioning and hate being cold)
  • 2 pairs of  shorts (1 denim, 1 dress shorts. Denim are me-made, the others from Vera Moda)
  • 1 pair loose fit silk trousers. These are me-made, and I made them for a comfortable cover-up for when I’m shopping or walking. Unfortunately I find that they look a bit too pajama-y, so I might leave them. But they are on the list for now…
  • 1 maxi skirt in a blue and black rayon fabric. I’m using this wonderful print from Atelier Brunette for the skirt, which just need hemming and the hook & eye. The pattern is from the upcoming book. It’ll go with all the tops and is great for both sightseeing, dining and shopping – depending on the accessories.
  • 2 maxi lenght halterneck Signe Dresses. They are just perfect for warm and humid weather and I can wear them with the flip flops and still feel dressed. When sightseing, I’ll bring my scarf to cover my shoulders.  I have one that needs hemming in a printed blue rayon jersey and one in dark grey. (Also pictured is a black loose fitting midi length dress that I didn’t make, but just thought wonderful for cover-up at the pool. I might bring a Rachel Dress instead – they also work really well as cover-ups!)
  • I’m bringing a teal (bought) bikini and also a bought dark blue polka dot tankini. Mostly because I might be a little uncomfortable wearing the bikini around my inlaws… The scarf from the plane, also doubles as a sarong, when at the pool.
fabric for the maxi skirt Holiday packing

This lovely rayon from Atelier Brunette (via metermeter.dk) is perfect for my maxi skirt. I’ll show you real soon!


For accessories I’m bringing my studded leather belt, a me-made silver clutch and two leather-and-studs bracelets. One for day time and one for night time. And then my silver flip flops and my wedge sandals (for when I know we’ll need to walk).

I’m having second thoughts about the pumps. Last time in Bali I didn’t actually wear my heels. And with the maxi dresses, the flip flops might work. I’ll have to try it all on to decide….


Besides the above mentioned, I’ll also bring my running shoes and socks, sports bra and 2 workout tops. And toilettries etc…

In a few days, I’ll do the test packing (and try on everything) and show you some of the garments I’ll bring. And then, the real test will be when I’m actually away.



Do you have a must-pack, you always bring? Do you over-pack? Under-pack? Tell me!