So. I’m totally not alone in loving the Karen Drape Dress. That´s what all your mails are telling me, anyway!

But a few of you have also written me, because you find the drape pleats are difficult to fold and sew correctly.

And I understand that. I do remember the first time I had to fold pleats in a pattern (it was a skirt). For some reason I simply could not figure out how to fold them correctly so that I had the right amount of pleats in the right size when I was done. So when I was to sew the side seams, one of them was much longer than the other.

That wont do!

Well. It’s not that difficult (nothing is when you know how to do it, right?) But the trick to the trade is to begin by marking the pleats accurately – while the pattern is still on the fabric.


Here is a short video that shows you how to mark, fold and sew the pleats of the Karen Drape Dress:


In short, it’s about marking the pleat placements accurately by using pair of pins at each pleat. And then fold them as soon as you lift the pattern from the fabric.

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