I KNOW! Imagine sewing for somebody who is not me!

Well. I wanted a small in-between-projects project, so I had time to decide what to sew for me next.

Also. I wanted to figure out how I can get more sewing done. This was a usual semi-busy weeek, with no time for a designated sewing evening/afternoon, so I’ve been wanting to try out if it works for me to find more sewing time by sewing in 15-30 minutes increments.

Anyway. I chose to make another one of these very fast spencer dresses. This time in a size 6 – 9 months. The pattern is MiniKrea 10003 – Spencer Dress in the Newborn size range.

The pattern I used. I did the basic EASY version.

The pattern I used. I did the basic EASY version.

Sewing in 15 minutes increments

Every evening before making dinner, I have allowed my self to work on something sewing related for 15-30 minutes. I am actually amazed at how much that can be achieved by just that.

First day I traced and cut the pattern (which doesn’t need to be traced, but I chose to, as this baby-dress can be made in 4 different sizes – and I think I’ll use it again!).
Second day – I cut the fabric. The pattern works with both knits and wovens, I chose a beefy knit velour, but am treating it as a woven fabric, by lining it with a cotton print. Also threaded the machines.
Third day I sewed the lining to the fabric and did the side seams and edge stitching
Fourth day was for pressing and hemming
Fifth day – buttonholes, buttons and decoration.

The finished dress. I can't wait to see it on Carla.

The finished dress. I can’t wait to see it on Carla.

All the work was done in 15  – 30 minutes increments. Had I had a sewing night or day – I probably could have finished it in one day. Very simple project!

The pattern can be made in both knits and wovens. I chose a beefy knit velour, but treated it as a woven fabric by lining it with a printed cotton.

When pressing velour, place a towel under it, so the pile doesn't get flat

When pressing velour, place a towel under it, so the pile doesn’t get flat


Here are some hints for sewing with velour fabric:

1. When cutting the fabric, make sure you place the pattern pieces so that you would brush against the pile if you were wearing it and brushed downwards.
2. When pressing or ironing velour, always place a towel underneath the fabric. This keeps the pile from being pressed flat.


I decorated the dress with some star iron-on-studs. They are really cute and makes all the difference in making this a holiday dress.

The iron-on star studs. Love.

The iron-on star studs. Love.


Parting picture from the garden:




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