Where I’m at..

or Wednesday’s Works in Progress.

Well, basicly, I’m at work a lot. And while most of my job is teaching (Danish and English to middleschoolers) I also spend a lot of time at conferences and meetings at at classes.

It's coming along nicely, I think

It’s coming along nicely, I think

And that’s where I get most of my knitting done at the moment. I knit when we have teachers-only meetings and when I’m the student at lectures and at conferences.

And the boatneck is coming along. I seperated the sleeves yesterday after work (I couldn’t do that while listening, so I knitted some more on the everlasting grey socks). And I’ll get a lot of knitting time tomorrow, so I hope to move this fast forward.


Sewing-wise: I’m still not done with the 60’s dress. But I only need to sew the facing on and do the hemming. And then a lot of pressing.

The dress. Almost done - just waiting for me to finish it. Soon!

The dress. Almost done – just waiting for me to finish it. Soon!


Some evening when I’m not tired I’ll get it all done. (I try to never sew when I’m tired.  I make way too many stupid mistakes when I’m tired. And you can’t frog sewing….).



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