Wow. That week flew by too.

Last Friday I had a Christmas party thing with Dennis’ siblings in the evening. And I needed something christmassy to wear.  I had cut the t-shirt from red jersey the previous week, but had not got around to sewing anything. It’s a very simple t-shirt pattern. The perfected version of Onion 5022 (out of print), which I made a part of the search for the perfect t-shirt pattern. It’s only two pieces – front and back – and I have corrected the shoulder line (for a forward shoulder alteration) as well as doing a high round back alteration.

I just realised that I never got around to tell you about what I did to perfect the t-shirt patterns…. I will need to get the pics together, and then I’ll write a description.

Anyway. Needed t-shirt. Only thing was that all week I had been feeling a little ill, so I had not thought much about it and only realised Friday afternoon at 4, that I needed to get going. We had to leave for the party at 6.15. And I also needed to redo my make-up:-)

So thankfully the shirt was very fast to stitch up. But then I also had to press the seams and do the neckline, the hemming and the decoration. It could have done with more pressing than it got.

I used some underwear elastic (with the little picots) for the neckline. It stretched out a bit, so I’m thinking I’ll redo the neckline.

For the decoration I used the iron-on-studs I also used on Carla’s dress. I finished pressing the last star in place at 6.05. Then I let the shirt cool while I did my make-up. And I was in the car by 6.15. Whew.

The christmas-y t-shirt. After being washed. Should have been ironed

The christmas-y t-shirt. After being washed. Should have been ironed

I wore it with black skinny jeans and heels. And I had even painted my nails! It was a great party – way too much food, wine and vodka, but we had a great time. Good thing there are some weeks left before the next big thing:-)

P.S. I have finished the boatneck. I only have to cast off, weave in ends and block (carefully). But here is a pic of it the day I had finished the sleeves (the only day this week that had some light in the afternoon, so that I could get a pic):