So I thought, that maybe you would like to see where I work with fabric and yarn and books and paper. I got a room of my own the summer before last, when we suddenly had two teen-agers in the house and my workspace on the upstairs landing was getting a leeeeeeeeeeeettle noisy from the music they were playing. Loud. All the time. And not even the same genre!
So we decided to enroll a part of the dining room to become my sewing room/office – with a door!!

My sewing room is 1.80 m x 4 m small. (5.9ft x 13ft). Here’s a tour:
This is the view from the door. The table is made from cheap IKEA counter tops and IKEA legs. The machine closest to the door is my Husquarna 905 overlocker, then is my Husquarna Scandinavia 300 sewing machine (with the hanging rod with hooks on it at the wall). My laptop is sitting next to the window. The basket is for the cats.
Close up of my workstation. Post its are my friends!

Oh and the to-do list. And the schedule,reminding me to do different tasks on different days. Also note the chopsticks. They are for turning and pressing sharp points…
My machines. Both Husquarna (Viking)!

I love the hanging rod (from IKEA, naturally) with hooks. Very practical. The post-it reminds me what type and size of needle I have in my machine.
Behind the door, there was just enough space for two IKEA Billy bookcases. This is where I keep most of my patterns, books and magazines. Also have my school material here and all my sewing notions. And a bit of yarn and fabric. The boxes on top of the bookcases holds interfacing, lining, yarn and extra threads and embroidery equipment..

You can also see my pressing table (I wrote about it before) and yes, that is the litter box underneath the table…
These drawers hold ribbon, elastic, buttons, prints, needles, zippers etc. I got them many years ago very cheap (at IKEA, of course) and painted them white myself.


Another view from the door. The basket under the mirror holds a little bit of my yarn, and behind it you can just see my brand new folding Super-board. It’s a brilliant tool and I don’t know why I hadn’t discovered it before..
My pressing table/work table. I love how the iron just hangs there ready to go. The coat rack with hangers is one of my favorite things. There I put the projects I just cut, stuff that need mending and Works-In-Progress.
Close up of the coat rack with lots of stuff waiting to be worked on. It really is very practical!


I hope you enjoyed this tour. There are more pictures of my tiny room in my Flicr set.

Parting pic of cats today, not the garden: