I had a Super Sewing Sunday:

I started out by pressing and ironing and setting in the snaps of my shirt dress muslin, which might not be a complete muslin after all – it is wearable. ( I got tons of compliments when I wore it at work yesterday.)

We might even call it a FO!

{Tucked in. Sorry about the early morning-no make-up look. I just wanted to get a pic}

The fabric is cheap cotton polyester (5€ per meter]. I used snaps instead of buttons, and I changed the collar. I simply made a no-stand blouse collar. But I might have overdone the points :-) I want the collar to be a bit smaller in my final version.

Me? I sot of like it, but it’s clear that I need to add a bit more fullness to the bust and I need to fine tune the sleeves as well. But overall – it fits my body nicely – and as one of my co-workers said – it gives me a very good figure, since it is shaped around my body, and skims  over any cuddly bits…

{Untucked. Horrible picture from the afternoon - that's why it's wrinkled from wear as well}

After I had finished the shirt (which is based on ONION 2015 by the way), I decided to cut into the pattern tissue of the Minoru Jacket. I had been procrastinating starting the jacket, because it meant I’d have to trace in the neighbourhood of a zillion pieces. I almost always trace patterns, that’s what most patterns I’ve used are laid out to, and I’m used to it, but this was already on thin tissue paper and as I said – a zillion pieces.

{Just before I began cutting the tissue. Aaaaargh - scary!}

So – never say never (which I think I actually did in the podcast episode) – I cut the pieces.

Which was more than a little bit scary – because then there is no going back (except, you know, you can order a new pattern) if I cut the wrong size. But I also realised: If it comes to worse, I know about grading patterns, so I can grade up or down. Anyway. I morphed and cut a size 8 at he sleeves and bust, a 10 at the waist area and a 6 in the hip area. I based the bust size on finished measurements compared to my current transition jacket (that’ll let me wear a sweater under it).

I ironed the tissue and pinned it together for tissue fitting, but didn’t do more than take a quick look (looks promising!) before I had to drive to the store for some milk (we had company coming) – and lo and behold, there was a garage sale on the way, and what did I spot??


{My new - very cheap - dress form! Yay!}

Yes. A dress form. I got her for 10 €. And she looks nice and clean  and has a wooden stand. We share bust size, but otherwise we don’t look alike (she has a tiny waist). I might try to pad her out, but for now, I’m thinking to use her for photos for my patterns. And she looks good with her wooden stand, right next to the piano (which doesn’t really work, either:-).

Now. What to call her….