Thank you for the warm welcome my newest pattern (The Yasmin Yoke Skirt) has received.

You can find it for sale at Craftsy, ShopONION and at Patternreview.

I am very proud of the pattern – and especially the instructions which – IMHO – are very clear and well thought out :-)

I already showed you the pictures from the pattern, but I also want to show you what Meg from Meg the Grand made. When she asked for ideas on what to make with this really great cartoon fabric, I immediately thought of Yasmin – being that simple it’s great for showcasing special fabrics.

Don’t you just love this? It’s so much fun! I especially like how she accented the cartoon theme by making the yoke and the hem in a black fabric:


Cartoon Styled MariaDenmark Yasmin Yoke Skirt

{Meg’s Cartoon Yasmin Skirt. Loving how the colours of the sky and the building make it all even more cartoon-y!}


Meg also made a more office appropriate version – in a burgundy pinstripe which would fit in perfectly in my dream autumn wardrobe!

{The office version. Pinstripes. Burgundy. What’s not to absolutely adore! Also – The View!!}


I am still not done with my plaid version. I have so much to do before stopping at the school, and with the school trip all last week I am way behind on everything. I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow though !

What kind of fabric would you make your Yasmin Skirt in?