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After two days at home working for myself, I am today going out there in the world to meet my new workplace – the gigantic fabric store – and more importantly – my new colleagues. I feel like when I was a kid and as about to start a new class or school. Will they like me? What will I wear? and telling myself: “Be careful – don’t joke yet, don’t be too much“.

I am getting out there. And every time I see my brand name on print – when I didn’t write it – I get so excited. People know my patterns. Yay! And they seem to like them. Even more Yay!

This morning I woke up to this (from Patternreview) in my infolder: mentioned at

{From the newsletter this morning…}

Speaking of getting out there.. We have a new episode of the Twin Needle Podcast out. Go listen. It’s fun and also we are good company while you sew (I know, because I was listening to it again (after I had edited it and uploaded it) while sewing my t-shirts last night. Am I weird that I also enjoy listening to my own podcast? I guess I feel like I’m hanging out with Tini all over again while listening (and quite often I’ll hear something I didn’t even remember we talked about..).

Parting pic, before I rush out the door (nervous!): The autumn wardrobe t-shirts (Birgitte Baic Tees and a Kirsten Kimono tee as well) cut out (but before I started sewing them). Can you tell how many there are?

{Cut t-shirts for my autumn wardrobe}