This is me right now (okay – 30 minutes ago)


I could get used to a work place like this – but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very productive. The heat is getting to me!

The first week in Bali just flew. We were in Candidasa – a village on the east coast of Bali and while there are a lot of tourists and resorts, there is also a lot of beautiful scenery, roosters and chickens, cows and even pigs running around just behind the hotel, and a lot of locals living, cooking, eating, selling all kinds of stuff and talking and relaxing. A very lovely place.


The view from my balcony in Candidasa. Just behind the hotel wall are the local houses and yards. With loud music, insense, chickens and all!

Now we are in the Kuta area –  a different world, I must say. The resort is lovely, the pool is great and the weather is still very warm. And we are having a great time. But it is a different experience from last week.

I have seen so many interesting things and still have 6 days left in Bali – maybe I’ll do a picture post when I get back.

Did you see that I have a new pattern out?

Well, it’s not just mine – it’s the secret project I hinted in the last post: MariaDenmark Summer Street Dress for Patternreview.


It’s a great little easy knit dress – designed by PatternReview and drafted by me. Only available through!

Well, I’ll go have my swim and then a drink before dinner. After all – this is a vacation:-)